Society outing to Haddington July 2013
P7131274  Strolling along the river bank P7130216  Memorial to John Gray after whom the John Gray Centre is named P7131239  Discussing some of the exhibits at the John Gray Centre P7131221  Members inspect exhibits laid out for the Society visit at John Gray Centre
P7131226  Document with Great Seal of Mary, Queen of Scots granting Church lands to the Burgh of Haddington P7131241  Kirk o' Field depiction following the murder of Lord Darnley. The plan was drawn up by agents acting for William Cecil (later Lord Burghley) P7131225  Letter from Mary, Queen of Scots to the burgesses of Haddington P7131238  Mary and Darnley
P7131235  Map of Battle of Pinkie 1547 P7130218  Isobel Brown narrates the history of the Abbey and the Treaty of Haddington under Abbey Bridge P7131259  The narration goes on. P7131257  Enwrapped attention!
P7131255  Still listening under Abbey Bridge P7130219  Members make their way to the site of Haddington Abbey P7130221  Agricultural Building Abbeymill Farm - probably on site or very close to site of Nunnery P7131264  Near the site the former Haddington Abbey
P7131266  Isobel Brown explains the history and expounds on physical details of the land P7131268  Agricultual building at Abbey Mill P7131278  At Morham Church  Morham - possible birthplace of John Knox - a number of the stones shown going back to the 17th. century have a Knox family connection P7131293  Interior Morham Church
P7131309  Outside Morham Church P7131299  Outside Morham Church - note symbolic gravestones P7131322  Talking of the day P7131314  Enjoying a meal afterwards
P7131323  Discussion after the meal Maid with the Flaxen Hair